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My name’s Josh and I have over ten years of experience teaching English Language Learners in Korea, Japan and New York City. I’m currently the academic chair of the International English Department at a private college in midtown Manhattan.

Like most teachers, I have been obsessed with the idea of maximizing the potential of my students. As I delved into the research, I noticed that many students were failing to attain fluency in English because they lacked some basic fundamental principles. Remembering root words, setting SMART goals and identifying strong motivators are crucial elements in building a strong foundation for continued success in English.

I also started teaching TOEFL – an English proficiency exam – about five years ago, created a website, an online course and other study materials to help address similar shortcomings in TOEFL prep literature. Still, after all my work in TOEFL, I found that students still needed help expanding their vocabulary.

I believe the Vocabulary Ninja course is the answer many struggling English language learners have been looking for.

Personally speaking, I’ve been happily married for almost five years to the unsung hero of my life, Naomi, and in that time, have added two amazing children to our family, Lea ちゃんand Jinくん。

Vocabulary Ninja Word Parts List

Turn lonely words into word families. This is a list of 219 of the most important and common word parts. Only available at Vocabulary Ninja.

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